EL DIARIO NY: Súper ruta de autobús se construirá en Queens

Nueva York – Un proyecto de transporte busca acelerar los viajes mediante una ruta exclusiva para autobús de 14 millas de largo en Queens, anunció la administración del alcalde Bill de Blasio. El servicio seguirá la misma ruta de los autobuses del  MTA Q52, Q53 y se conectará con las líneas de metro: A, E, F, J / Z, M, R y […]

GOTHAM GAZETTE: Queens Deserves Better Transportation

When Rockaway Peninsula’s only subway connection to Manhattan – the A Train – was not in service for seven months after Hurricane Sandy, it shined a bright light on the inadequate transit options the outer boroughs rely on. The Rockaways, however, weren’t just cut off from Manhattan, they were isolated from the rest of Queens. […]

ITDP: Bus Rapid Transit Nearly Quadruples Over Ten Years

Bus rapid transit has grown by 383 percent in the last ten years, according to new data released by ITDP. As cities around the world discover the benefits and cost effectiveness of BRT, they have built hundreds of systems across dozens of countries that qualify as true BRT. A new interactive map shows a comprehensive list of […]

EL DIARIO NY: Por la igualdad de Transporte en NYC

Neroopa and Stephanie are Woodhaven residents. Neroopa works as a medical assistant in Woodside and takes the bus to work every day — a commute which should last only 40 minutes takes more than an hour each way. Stephanie is a student at City College who works part-time at the Queens Center Mall. After a […]
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